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Why settle for hiring consultants limited by their expertise? Ottia opens doors to a versatile network of 70 software development companies. Purchase development services hassle-free, with no upfront usage decisions required.

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Discover our comprehensive suite of services tailored to your development needs, offering elastic solutions, dedicated teams, seamless onboarding, real-time tracking, skilled developers, swift deliverables, and continuous partnership, all managed by seasoned professionals.

Turnkey Service: Delivering Pre-Tested Outputs with Ease

With Ottia's turnkey service, you'll have one point of contact to coordinate everything and receive pre-tested outputs seamlessly. There's no need to limit your requirements - we'll tap into our network of 70 partner companies to find the expertise you need and deliver with ease.

Flexible Support, Fixed Subscription

Choose your average monthly needs and receive a fixed monthly rate. Accrued hours? No worries, you can use them later.

Simple Task Outsourcing: Directly from Your Favorite Platforms

Define outsourced tasks effortlessly from Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello, or Monday. Ottia seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow, eliminating extra systems or steps. You’ll always get to approve our time estimates first.

Rapid Development Scaling with AI

With Ottia, you can enhance development precisely in the sprints where it's needed. We specialize in AI-driven task management, overseen and developed by our senior developers.

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