Become an Ottia supplier

Our business is steadily expanding, and so is our network of suppliers. If you offer software development services, we invite you to grow alongside us. Applying to become a supplier for Ottia marks the beginning of a robust and enduring partnership.

What we seek in a partner

We desire our suppliers to share our values and endorse our business approach. If you represent an innovative company with strong expertise, a company committed to making a difference and growing alongside us, and if you are interested in establishing a long-term partnership built on trust, respect, and transparency, we are eager to collaborate with you.

Criteria for a successful partnership

Being a reputable business is of paramount importance to us, and we expect the same from our partners. Before embarking on our collective journey, all partners are expected to meet the following minimum requirements:

We have a 100% quality code guarantee for our clients, and that's expected from all our suppliers.
We work on a task-by-task basis and are committed to time-sensitive deliverables. For a successful collaboration, efficient developer management is paramount.
We are building a sustainable value chain for offshore software development outsourcing. Transparency is an integral part of our work; therefore, ESG reporting is required from all our suppliers.
Our collaboration exclusively involves senior developers.
We can provide task-based operational tools and knowledge for you to use.

Application submission

We are accepting supplier applications only via email.
Get started with your process by emailing us at