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Years ago two battle-tested senior software engineers stumbled upon two problems constantly. The inhouse tech team has to constantly prioritize and a bunch of work is sitting on the sidelines waiting for a less busy season. Which of course never comes and the work piles up. New projects are almost always short of developers and the kick-off is in a week. A partner that has the ability to ramp up fast and has unlimited resources would come in handy.

This problem seemed to span across cultures and teams, when the two friends travelled. The perfect fix for this problem is not recruiting because of the fluctuating need nor traditional outsourcing because of the slow ramp ups and generally low availability.

The right fix would be an on-demand team extension, that would function like a marketplace. Dozens of offshore development companies under one umbrella with service provided and quality assurance done by the core team locally. Highly cost-effective and scalable both technically and resource-wise. The first idea of NerdCloud had come into being. Actually, it was not called NerdCloud then. The name was conceived much later, during a brainstorming call to Singapore.

A few iterations later an old friend from previous ventures jumped in as a co-founder to be the commercial pilot for the brainchild of the two software wizards. The NerdCloud team was born and the engine had been started. We are on a mission to modernise offshore outsourcing. Our modern approach is a blend of digital platform, exceptional service and automated processes. NerdCloud provides a highly scalable team extension of senior developers covering all coding languages and tech stacks. 


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