Supercharge Your Development: Pay Monthly, Plan After

Outsourcing coding tasks with ease is our promise. In just 72 hours, you’ll add our hand-picked, senior developers into your workflow. You'll have one point of contact to coordinate everything and receive pre-tested development outputs.

Here’s how it works:


Pick a monthly fee that suits you best

No stress - if you don't use up all your hours this month, just save them for later! The fixed subscription is every CFO’s daydream, ensuring you can maintain a full development pace without any budget surprises


Let's get plugged in

Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello, or Monday? You name it, and we'll customize our approach to seamlessly integrate with your workflow, ensuring smooth sailing for your team. Just bring us on board, and we're ready to go!


Assign tasks to Ottia

Whether you need help with new development projects, clearing the backlog, or testing your code, we've got you covered. We'll pick the tasks assigned to us directly from Trello or Jira, for example, and complete them in record time. Of course, you’ll get to approve our time estimates first.

Experience high-quality, prompt, and even automatic task completion

So, what's our secret sauce? While your development team is busy innovating or serving customers, we're dedicated to optimizing the delivery of coding tasks. We're passionate about harnessing and testing AI, providing cost-efficient and even automatic outsourcing for you. With Ottia, software teams can harness AI's efficiency without any risks or the need for their own investments in its application.

Flexible Subscriptions: Your Risk-Free Solution

Depending on the subscription, we offer a 30-day risk-free cancellation policy and a limited rollover of unused hours. Recognizing the fluctuating nature of development needs, we provide a fast ramp-up after low activity periods, ensuring unmatched flexibility.

30-day cancellation

Unused hours rollover

Fast project ramp-ups

Task Outsourcing with Built-in Quality Assurance

We pledge to consistently deliver high-quality, reliable code that aligns with your specifications, with our QA team scrutinizing every detail for optimal quality. With a 2-day development SLA, we ensure swift turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Guaranteed code delivery

QA team included

Development ready in days

Start developing with no limitations from 2 760€ /month