5 Ways SDaaS Can Streamline Your Software Development Process

Ways SDaaS Can Streamline Your Software Development Process

The future of development is “Software Development as a Service” or SDaaS in short. Similar to SaaS (Software as a Service) which are the services provided by a finished product, SDaaS is the service provided to clients and development teams to develop the said product.

SDaaS is not limited to the development of an entire product, SDaaS services stretch out to a lot more than you can imagine:

Swamped with more software development processes that you or your team can currently handle? SDaaS providers can take off your burden.

Need to scale up temporarily in an urgency? SDaaS is here to save the day.

SDaaS providers are used to quick scaling, up and down, depending on the requirements of their clients. With the help of SDaaS, you can streamline your development process in a better way.

Some of the major methods with which SDaaS streamlines your development process include:

Results-Based Pricing

The world we live in today demands an agile business model complete with transparency and scalability. With an agile business model, in-house software development teams incur high costs with no guarantee when it comes to efficiency.

With SDaaS there is no fixed cost, you pay only for the tasks you assign and the completed work.

Software Development as a Service providers often implement “Task List Methodology” that enables them to deliver extremely accurate pricing models for every required output.

Such improved pricing models result in improved foresight and faster response times for a fast-moving business environment.

No Lengthy Hiring Processes

The hiring process for any development team or a firm is extremely time-consuming and it cost a lot in terms of all kinds of company resources.

On top of that, hiring more developers isn't a scalable business model for any software development company with utilizing the agile business model, and on the other hand, outsourcing is a highly specialized business model.

All reputable SDaaS providers have the experience, expertise, and resources for the hands-on, day-to-day management of technically diversified top global development resources.

Utilizing the services of SDaaS is the best way to make tech development scalable.

Quality Control

Unlike a freelancing team who don’t have any dedicated quality control teams, SDaaS’s quality control teams evaluate the results of the development after every task or completed module, they:

  • Conduct development tests, manual, and automated.
  • Conduct acceptance tests.

And only then do they present it to you. Once presented they await your feedback.

Easier Tasks Allocation

Using the task allocation board provided by Software Development as a Service provider, you can put in all the tasks that you need them to work on.

If there is a task that requires immediate attention and an extremely quick turn around time, then SDaaS resources can work on your task around the clock.

All other tasks will be taken care of before the specified deadline.

Saves Time and Clears Your Backlog

If you’re a CTO with your development team then there’s no one else who understands backlog better than you do.

Most of SDaaS’s clients have their own CTO and developers. But there are times when a CTO finds the core development team (including the CTO) overwhelmed with minute tasks boasting minimal influence on the overall grand scheme; tasks such as maintenance tasks, and smaller fixes.

In such a situation, in-house development teams are unable to provide the necessary support to other members of the management team. And this is where software development as a service comes in.

SDaaS providers take charge of all such tasks and clear the backlog of your developers so that they can work on tasks that are more important and need their immediate attention.


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