Case Study – A New Way to Think About the Team

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When a team is stretched thin, they will have to prioritize daily tasks and might end up doing subpar work, falling behind on development, and lacking the right planning for the future. The logical solution would be to make the team bigger. 

However, this is easier said than done. The business might not want to hire new staff just for one project, because it’s a difficult and tiresome process. It takes a lot of company resources to find new talent, onboard them, and then figure out what to do with them after the project is over. Outsourcing on the other hand, can mean that there are clashing work cultures and the headaches of two teams trying to work together. This can make the team unmotivated, unsatisfied, and even more stressed, which can result in delays and subpar work.

But there’s a new way to think about the team, and that comes from working with NerdCloud. 

How NerdCloud can help

Imagine having a helping hand, but only when you need it and entirely on your terms. 

That’s precisely what working with NerdCloud is like. We step in and do whatever non-core tasks your team needs to get done, empowering them to work on the core tasks that only they can do. 

Core tasks are activities that improve the value of your services to your customers, and usually require extensive domain knowledge. They include software designing and prototyping, implementing and managing software, and programming. 

Non-core tasks are any day-to-day activities that don’t require extensive domain knowledge, but still need to be done. They can be things like fixing bugs, implementing UI design, creating integrations and troubleshooting. Non-core tasks can also be tasks that just need to be executed with a clear brief.

When you give your non-core tasks to us so that we can do them for you, your team can focus on the core tasks and the big picture that only they can (and want) to do. This means that your team has more time to work on what they’re good at and also what they want to do, which keeps them motivated, happy, and focused. 

Outsourcing non-core activities can also save you money. When you outsource, you get the work that you need to be done completed without having to pay a monthly salary, contribute to pension plans, or medical covers. 

Software development with us means that your team is free to plan for the future and focus on their jobs. We fill in the gaps and complement your team rather than hinder them.
Additionally, if someone from your core team leaves, we’re there to help the remaining members of your team with the added workload. 

Seamless collaboration

Here at NerdCloud, we believe that the core team of the future needs to only be good at 2 things: researching for the future, and identifying and assigning non-core tasks to us.

You can enjoy seamless collaboration when you outsource to us. We plug right into the way that your team works, so you won’t even notice we’re there - aside from the excellent work that we deliver and how easy we’ll make your team’s lives!

Partnering with us will make you realize that this is the better way to work. Have a smaller team and a NerdCloud tech extension, because this way you can enjoy:

  • Availability – our team of developers is massive because we have a global network of suppliers, so we will always be able to help you with exactly what you need. Additionally, our developers work across different time zones, giving you an extended work day. 
  • Technology – maybe instead of a large number of developers, you need someone who has a specific skill set instead. We can provide for even the most specific tech needs. Our developer delivery rate is 98.7%. 
  • Scalability – you can scale your business up and down like never before when you work with us, because you never have to draw up new contracts or hire new employees. You just need to let us know how much or how little you need from us.
  • Flexibility – whatever changes there are in terms of skills that you need from project to project, you can access them with us.

NerdCloud gives you a new way to think about teams. Get in touch with us today to revolutionize how your team works.
For more on why outsourcing to NerdCloud is such a great idea, click here. For how to get ready to outsource, click here. For any FAQs, please find answers here.


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