Challenges with Quality and Developer Skill in Outsourcing Software Development

Explore the challenges in outsourcing software development, from QA concerns to cultural differences, and discover how NerdCloud's innovative solutions ensure success.


In the contemporary business environment, software development outsourcing has become an appealing solution for many organizations. It allows companies to tap into global talent, save costs, and focus on core competencies. However, like any strategic decision, outsourcing comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly concerning quality and developer skills. This blog post explores these challenges and highlights NerdCloud’s approach to overcoming them.

Challenge 1: Outsourcing a Complete Project

Outsourcing an entire project rather than specific tasks can indeed be a complex and risky undertaking. Coordination is needed at a higher level, and any misalignment or misunderstandings can lead to delays that negatively impact both timelines and quality. The challenges may appear slowly over time, making them harder to identify and address.

NerdCloud has actively responded to these challenges by crafting a model that allows customers to outsource individual tasks rather than entire projects. Specifically, we split tasks that would normally take over 8 hours into smaller, more digestible parts. This structured division of labor not only offers better control for the customer over the entire project but also significantly increases transparency. By dissecting the project into concise units, we foster a controlled environment where each segment can be closely monitored, guided, and aligned with the customer's specific needs and expectations.

This approach ensures that any challenge or issue that appears is handled immediately. Instead of waiting for problems to escalate and affect the entire project, we can quickly identify and rectify them at the task level. The result is a more efficient process, better quality control, and a significant reduction in the risk of delays.

With NerdCloud, you're not just outsourcing your project; you're engaging with a partner who understands the intricacies of managing complex tasks. Our approach is designed to bring peace of mind and ensure that your project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Challenge 2: Quality Assurance (QA) Concerns - NerdCloud's Approach to Ensuring Excellence

Quality assurance is an integral aspect of any software development process, and its mishandling can lead to compromised final products. Often in outsourcing, QA may either not be performed adequately, or it may be conducted by the same development team, leading to biases and overlooked errors.

NerdCloud has strategically designed a process to handle QA by usually assigning two different partners to manage development and quality assurance. This separation ensures an unbiased, thorough examination of the product from two distinct perspectives. Our development partner focuses solely on crafting the code, while our QA partner meticulously examines it for any potential flaws or weaknesses.

In addition to this dual-partner approach, we assign our team leads to oversee both development and quality assurance processes. These leads, with their seasoned expertise, act as a second layer of scrutiny, ensuring that the development aligns with the project's requirements and that the QA process is rigorous and comprehensive.

This method of managing QA underscores NerdCloud's commitment to delivering a product that meets the highest standards of quality. By involving separate specialized partners for development and QA and having dedicated team leads to oversee the entire process, we provide a robust and reliable system that avoids common pitfalls in outsourcing and brings your project to successful fruition.

Challenge 3: Developer Skills and Replacements - NerdCloud's Proactive and Robust Approach

Developer skills are paramount in achieving success in any project. NerdCloud prides itself on working exclusively with senior developers to ensure top-tier quality. However, sometimes partners might attempt to utilize a less experienced developer. Unlike conventional models, we are not swayed by impressive CVs or claims of experience; rather, we let the output speak for itself. We understand that skills can't solely be assessed through a resume, and we have a vigilant process to evaluate them through performance.

Our robust onboarding process plays a crucial role here. During this phase, we assign initial smaller tasks to align with the customer's style and quality expectations. This enables us to gauge the developer's real-time skills and adaptability. If any deficiencies in skills are detected, we have backup strategies, including direct guidance from supervisors and, if necessary, developer replacement.

We also maintain a two-developer strategy, keeping a backup developer on each project to ensure uninterrupted progress during vacations or if unforeseen challenges arise. This is not merely a reactive measure; it reflects our commitment to delivering consistent quality and mitigating potential risks.

We recently sat down with our experienced team leads to discuss how we handled issues with developer skills that emerged with one of our customers. One of our team leads, Casimir Kaplas explained, "It usually works the best when we change the developer. The backup developer is already aligned with the project, so the transition is smooth." He went on to describe how the customer reacted to our handling of the situation: "The customer took it very well after we recapped our processes and how we address such issues. Transparency and our methodical approach truly make a difference."

NerdCloud's approach to developer skills and replacements reflects our proactive attitude and unwavering commitment to quality. By working with senior developers, having a stringent onboarding process, and implementing backup strategies, we ensure that your project is in skilled hands. Our focus on real output over mere CVs sets us apart, and our dedication to aligning with our customers' unique needs makes us a trusted partner in your development journey.

Challenge 4: Cultural Differences - Navigating Global Complexities with NerdCloud's Expertise

Cultural differences can be a subtle but significant obstacle in the realm of outsourcing, especially when working with offshore vendors. These differences may manifest in various ways, from communication styles to work ethics, and can lead to misunderstandings or misalignments.

At NerdCloud, we have a wealth of experience in working with offshore outsourcing vendors from different cultural backgrounds. Our extensive involvement across various global landscapes has enabled us to understand and appreciate the nuances of diverse cultures. We have refined our approach to bridge these gaps effectively, ensuring that cultural differences do not hinder the progress of your project.

One of our dedicated team members, Tasha Tolmacheva, plays a vital role in working with our partners to resolve any issues that might occur. With empathy, understanding, and professionalism, Tasha collaborates with all parties involved to navigate these complexities. She ensures that these issues are handled with the utmost discreetness, preserving the integrity and harmony of the working relationship.

Interestingly, through our extensive experience, we have identified that language often is not the primary barrier. While language differences can indeed pose challenges, we have found that the real problem usually lies elsewhere, such as in different expectations or interpretations of professionalism, commitment, or quality. Recognizing this has allowed us to focus our efforts on addressing the underlying causes, rather than merely treating symptoms.

NerdCloud's approach to managing cultural differences is rooted in respect, communication, and a deep understanding of global business dynamics. We have learned to look beyond superficial barriers and delve into the core of potential conflicts, facilitating a seamless collaboration regardless of geographical or cultural boundaries. By leveraging our experience and expertise in global engagements, we ensure that your project is executed smoothly, reflecting our commitment to overcoming challenges with sensitivity and strategic insight.

Challenge 5: Understanding Business Logic - Balancing In-House Expertise and Outsourcing Efficiency

Business logic represents the core of any enterprise solution, encompassing the rules, workflows, and functional requirements that drive the system's behavior. Ensuring that your development team fully grasps this complex aspect is crucial for the success of your project.

There is a compelling argument to have an in-house team working on tasks that require a vast understanding of business logic. These are often sensitive areas where deep integration with the company's values, goals, and intricacies is needed. In-house teams are inherently aligned with the company culture and can more easily digest complex business processes and requirements.

However, not all tasks demand this level of insight into the business logic. Many parts of a project can be effectively outsourced without compromising quality or alignment. Such tasks might include front-end development, bug fixes, building integrations, and testing, to name a few. These areas often require technical expertise but may not necessitate a profound understanding of the unique business context.

NerdCloud's approach strikes a harmonious balance between these two aspects. We recognize the need to preserve the integrity of business logic and recommend keeping that under the purview of in-house teams. Simultaneously, we offer outsourced services for tasks that can be efficiently handled externally, thus freeing up your internal resources for more strategic endeavors.

Our model promotes collaboration and maintains a clear delineation between in-house and outsourced responsibilities. This ensures that the core business logic remains tightly aligned with your organizational goals while leveraging the benefits of outsourcing for tasks that are more universally applicable.

By carefully identifying which tasks to keep in-house and which to outsource, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: maintaining control over essential business logic while enjoying the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility that outsourcing offers. NerdCloud's commitment to understanding your unique business needs allows us to tailor our services to fit your project precisely, ensuring efficiency without compromising on alignment with your core values and objectives.


We have navigated the intricate terrain of outsourcing, exploring the strategic solutions to common challenges. Whether it's the controlled approach of outsourcing individual tasks instead of complete projects, maintaining excellence in QA through a unique dual-partner model, ensuring quality by onboarding senior developers, navigating cultural complexities with global expertise, or balancing in-house tasks that require deep business logic understanding with outsourced tasks, NerdCloud has fine-tuned strategies to turn these complexities into opportunities for growth and success. By aligning our innovative solutions with your unique needs, NerdCloud stands as a reliable partner in your outsourcing endeavors, committed to excellence and efficiency in every project.


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Find out how Contractbook can change the way you store, manager, and analyze your contracts.

Check out case studies, contract templates, webinars, and many other resources.

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