Cost effective software tools for startups

Cost effective software tools for startups

If you are CEO of a tech/software startup or otherwise small business. You probably have thought a lot about software tools and how expensive they can be. How to pick the ones which are economic and are suitable for your company.

There are almost endless sources of development tools available but don’t worry! We are here to help you. We have written down a few good things to remember when browsing for new software development tools.

What features should startups look for in software tools?

Let’s go through the obvious one first. Keep your eye on price. Does it fit into your budget? Is there a start-up or monthly fee or any other hidden costs? It isn’t nice to find out about those when you receive your first invoice.

Does it help with some problem you are having? Or are you just buying it because everyone else has bought it too? Don’t pay for something that you don’t need.

Try to find software tools which make your developer team more efficient or optimize something else in your company. Some services can offer you more than just programs to use. Like a flexible resource of programmers or consulting.

That brings us to our last point. Look for scalable or custom tailored solutions. Those tend to naturally fit better to your needs.

We hope that these tips are helpful. We also might have a suitable solution for you. No need to worry. You are not buying pig in a poke if you team up with us.

If you need software consulting services or scalable workforce solutions we might have what you need

NerdCloud is a software development as a service tool. It can quickly provide you with scalable amounts of skilled developers. So, your team is always at the level of their mission. No matter how big or demanding your project is. We also have something called CTO as a service. These are exceptionally useful features for smaller companies which are just starting out.

Our pricing is perfect for startups too because our service is fully scalable and you pay only for work our developers have done. Give NerdCloud a change and you will probably keep using it. And because of the flexible pricing and optimization of manpower it most likely will save you money. That is very economical.

Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder

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