Driving Automation Testing with Robotframework

testing, open-source automation

Here at NerdCloud, quality is a primary concern. We’re talking about ensuring that products not only delivery user value in a timely manner, but also ensure quality and user security. Testing is too often an afterthought, resulting in bugs that can damage an organization’s reputation or even cost them financially.

And recently, we began exploring the benefits of a new, open-source automation tool called Roboto Framework.

The Importance of Testing

Consider a solution that is introduced to the market, and presented to consumers, without proper testing. Best case, you might have critical software bugs that result in a poor user experience and loss of your user base or revenue. Worst case, your software could leak customer data or expose users to other security breaches, putting your organization at risk of significant financial penalties.

That's why we test software before releasing it to the wider market or users in general. You're able to verify each aspect of your product, ensuring that it properly serves your business and consumer in the way that it should. After all, if you’re not delivering a quality product, are you truly delivering user value?

Recently, we started working with a new client who was open to testing new approaches to testing. Enter, Robot Framework. This is an open-source automation tool that can support automated tested, as well as robotic process automation (RPA).

What is Robotframework?

One of the greatest barriers to fully committing to testing is complexity. Consider unit tests, integration tests, and so on; this type of testing requires inherent knowledge of programming languages. Your average or entry-level tester won’t necessarily have the skills needed to participate fully at this stage.

Well, Robot Framework is a free, open-source test automation tool that utilizes simplified syntax. That is, it uses readable keywords that can be understood by those without any knowledge of programming. As a result, it can be picked up and integrated into a wide range of existing tools by automation testers, allowing software development teams to focus more on creating and maintaining solutions.

How Robotframework Drives Testing

Robot Framework is a highly flexible tool that's compatible with all major operating systems. As a result, it offers a great degree of freedom, with other benefits:

  • It’s completely free and open source
  • Robot Framework is keyword-driven and can be understood by non-technical users
  • It supports the use of Gherkin
  • It’s compatible with Selenium and Appium libraries
  • Robot Framework works with all popular web browsers
  • It’s compatible with web-based and mobile applications

Elevate Your Product Delivery

Robot Framework is just one of the innovations in product delivery that we’ve helped our clients to discover and integrate into their development lifecycle. That’s the benefit of working with NerdCloud. As an outsourced software development agency, we prop up your existing development teams, providing additional resource where it’s needed, while helping your team to discover new ways of working that boost productivity and delivery.

Curious how NerdCloud could help drive your business forward? Check out our frequently asked questions for more information, or get in touch with us directly.


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