From a Hybrid Workplace to a Hybrid Team

From a Hybrid Workplace to a Hybrid Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of work for millions of people, with social distancing regulations forcing many professionals to work remotely.

Once considered the preserve of freelancers, employees and employers alike have quickly discovered the perks of remote working. Some have been freed from the grind of their daily commute, while others are relishing the increased productivity that comes with working from home.

Having discovered the benefits of out-of-office working, the vast majority of businesses look set to adopt more hybrid models of working when the pandemic resides. So, what does this mean for your business? And how else could the benefits of hybridity supercharge your productivity and profits? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you answer these questions.

What is a hybrid workplace?

Put simply, a hybrid workplace involves a combination of in-office and remote working. While managing such a workplace may be complicated at first, it is likely to produce several benefits, including:

1. Cost savings

With fewer people in the office at any one time, you can afford to downsize your workspace.

2. Increased productivity

While employers often worry that homeworkers will slack off, the reality is that remote working tends to make people more productive. Indeed, without the distracting hustle and bustle of the modern office, many employees find it easier to focus and produce their best work.

3. Happier employees

Working from home allows many workers to achieve a better work-life balance. This simple fact could significantly improve the mental health of your workforce and reduce employee turnover.

4. You can employ the best talent

With a hybrid model, you can hire outstanding candidates from across the country without demanding that they relocate. As such, you have a higher chance of employing the best in the business.

What problems remain with a hybrid workplace?

Clearly, hybrid workplaces have the potential to save money and boost productivity. However, allowing employees to work remotely won’t solve all of your efficiency woes.

Say, for example, you’re planning to launch a shiny new application in line with a company rebrand. If your development team is small or inexperienced, you may feel tempted to hire a couple of new developers to ensure the project goes smoothly.  

As you only require high-level development services for a month or two, however, you’re faced with a dilemma. If you hire the developers permanently, they may have nothing to do once the project is over. As a result, you will lose money, and employees will feel unwanted.

You could choose to hire freelancers. However, vetting freelancers is time-consuming and difficult, and you could end up with a substandard product. Fortunately, NerdCloud has a solution – a hybrid team.

What is a hybrid team?

A hybrid team includes regular employees and temporary workers drawn from a pool of highly vetted specialists. With NerdCloud, you can easily add a senior expert developer to your team without having to endure complex hiring processes.

Our development experts are available for as long as you need them and are happy to work closely with your teams to come up with something amazing. What’s more, we recruit only the best developers thanks to a rigorous hiring process involving comprehensive tests and interviews.

The bottom line

Old models of working and employment have changed for the better, and it’s time to adapt. A hybrid team will save you time and money and boost your productivity. If you have ambitious development plans and need help making them a reality, do not hesitate to get in touch today! One of our friendly team members will happily discuss your requirements.


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