How can NerdCloud Help CTOs Concentrate on the Big Picture?

How can NerdCloud Help CTOs Concentrate on the Big Picture

The role of a CTO especially in technology companies has grown in the past decade, so much so that now the CTO’s role includes helping with sales, closing deals, and procuring funding. In some cases, CTO’s even organize and pitch in funding rounds for potential investors. Any CTO meaning to their responsibilities seriously needs a lot of time for these business-related aspects.

There was once a time when the CTO job description only required an individual to be the chief technologist focusing on the technological and scientific issues within the company. That time is no more. The influx and small and medium businesses (SMB) made sure of that. In an agile work environment, CTO’s now have to shoulder a great number of responsibilities.

Organizational Errors

Whatever CTO’s role is in your company or organization, it is your responsibility to make sure that your CTO has time to focus on the big picture, roadmaps ahead, and analyze the insight from the customers and sales. CTOs with no time for such tasks end up building fantastic software that no one uses.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the CTO isn’t just coding away all their precious time. CTO’s are executive-level officers, and their time is more valuable than the time of a coder. The CTO should concentrate on bigger-picture problems and let developers take care of the coding.

The worst cases occur when a CTO, meaning to spend their time on high-level matters, has to take a detour and work on tasks that can easily be taken care of with the help of NerdCloud. This can be a problem especially in smaller companies where the CTO has just gotten a promotion and the organization failed to ensure that the time of the CTO is being utilized properly.

Case Study

Here is a simple case study to drive our point across:

The Problem

Imagine that, as the CTO, you are constantly finding yourself in all-too-common situations where your backlog of work is full of secondary tasks. But as the CTO your main job is to focus on the most critical issues within your company or organization.

It’s Thursday afternoon, and the product manager and client are both continuously prolonging the list of small UI fixes that you need to take care of by the end of the week. Your development team is already swamped with critical issues, and as CTO, you want to be thinking about your product as a whole instead of burning your precious time away as a five-star developer.

The Solution

NerdCloud is here to help.

If you run into issues like the one described above - just enter all the technical issues into our NerdCloud board. NerdCloud will take care of them before your specified deadline. NerdCloud has multiple developers working around the clock to deliver your task ASAP. And this if you need us to work around the clock then it, not a problem for us.

All you have to do is to sign up on our platform and delegate all those secondary tasks to NerdCloud. It only takes 15 minutes to register on our platform.

After that, you can decide if you want to continue working with us. No strings attached.

Why NerdCloud

At NerdCloud, we have been there, and we know all the struggle. That is exactly the reason why we founded NerdCloud. NerdCloud is the pioneer in future-proof software development.

NerdCloud is more than just another software development company, we are much more than your regular run of the mill company that allows you to outsource your development.

We even deliver you direct access to a number of potential superstar developers who can work as part of your team.

The best part is that you don't have to draw up contracts or hire new employees. We provide the means to scale your development up or down as needed.

We are:
Flexible and efficient, so that you can send us small tasks to add navigation or request the whole prototype.
Tailored to your needs, if you are not satisfied with our work, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Good. Because our goal is to make software development easier and more enjoyable for CTOs like you.

We redefined the CTO meaning for current and upcoming CTOs while allowing them to keep up with the ever-changing CTO job description of the modern world.

Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder

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