How does an expert tech partner add value to your project?

How does an expert tech partner add value to your project

In a fast-paced corporate world, businesses need to improve and innovate to stay ahead continually. Technology is a big part of the evolution- you either keep up, or you’re left out. Getting your IT projects done takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. 

While you may have many options to get them done, such as an in-house IT department, bringing in an expert tech partner can add lots of value and save plenty of hassle in the process. Let’s take a look at what a tech partner brings to make your projects better. 

Technical capacity

An expert tech partner brings on all the tools to help your company execute your big idea. It is essential to check whether the project is feasible and the best tech stack to bring it to fruition. An expert tech partner will help you go through the process, and chances are that they are well equipped with the stack you choose to use.

Outsourcing to a freelancer or placing the project with your in-house team may limit your choices to whatever tech stack they are conversant with. On the other hand, an expert tech partner offers a broader selection of platforms and devices that you can use to realize your business goals. 

The right talent

Technical capacity is only half of the story- whether or not your preferred tech choice can actually deliver the project is the other side of the coin. Once again, you can either bring in a freelancer, use your IT department or work with an expert tech partner. 

A tech partner offers the best chance that you’ll get the best people and resources working on the project. An in-house team takes a lot of time and money to build. You may even spend more getting the team ready than you would on the project itself. A freelancer can only do so much at a time and is limited to the tools they’re comfortable with. 

Working with a tech partner that functions as a team extension minimizes the time between ideation and product launch while saving on unnecessary administrative costs. 


Your product won’t stop at version 1.0. There’ll be plenty of upgrades, installation of new features, and fixing of bugs to be done. You can only imagine the project’s technical complexity a few versions later. 

Your IT team will soon be overrun with a backlog of secondary tasks that need to be done, with plenty of critical tasks still to be done. 

An expert tech partner takes the pressure off of you, guaranteeing on-time project delivery while scaling up with your project needs. If you need to scale down, too, your tech partner could offer a more seamless experience. 

Top-notch project communication and organization 

Need to know precisely how far your project has progressed? If you’re working with people in multiple departments on a project, you’ve got an idea of how communications can be strenuous at times. However, for a tech partner, getting updates on progress is easy- everything is done in one place. 

An expert partner will also help you organize your project from start to end according to your goals, resources, and schedule. All this comes with ease of management and monitoring of the project, so you’ll know exactly where you’ve reached and what to expect. 

Convinced you need an expert tech partner to give life to your projects? NerdCloud offers top-tier support for each of your projects with the best communication around. You’ll get an expert team extension made up exclusively of senior developers with the technical expertise to bring you the best value. 

NerdCloud will help you choose the right tech stack for your project and help you develop faster, smoother, and more successfully. Contact NerdCloud for more information on how to streamline your software development projects and get the extra development power without any commitments or hiring.


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