How NerdCloud rescued a client from an overwhelming coding project

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Our client was in over their heads.

The project seemed simple. Technically, it wasn’t complicated. It was a coding project, and they had a great developer working for them. Project completion seemed like it would be straightforward. They sat down to get started, and they agreed on a fast-paced production plan with tough deadlines. This digital agency felt sure each step would be easy to complete, and they didn’t worry too much about having the right project management strategy or tools. They didn’t believe they had any reason to expect problems further down the road. But problems found them anyway. While each individual task seemed easy, all together, they were overwhelming. 

Before long, there were too many things on their plate to be completed in too short a time. Between their own internal tasks and the necessary front-facing tasks to serve their customer, the pile of work was sky-high. It went far beyond the amount of work that one person could reasonably handle alone.

This is where we come in.

Our client knew about NerdCloud, so they plugged in our team extension as soon as they realized they could use our help. Right away, things started looking up. NerdCloud did a number of things to help this digital agency client function more efficiently. We quickly evaluated the tasks that needed to be completed. Within days, we were able to start solving them.

  1. We made the transition easy.

To start, we opened integration between their project management system, Asana, and the NerdCloud platform. We onboarded a senior developer with the right expertise for the project within days. Together, we could get down to business.

The agency wrote in Asana user stories, meaning they added tasks to their Asana project list. We were able to implement these tasks, along with other details like report bugs, and sync them seamlessly between Asana and NerdCloud. We made it for the project to continue moving forward without a delay in switching to a new management platform.

  1. We communicated cost early on, and clearly.

We estimated the cost of identified tasks that NerdCloud would complete ahead of time, and presented them to the client so that they had a picture of the total work needed. 

NerdCloud worked with the estimated budget to complete the project, and we kept the digital agency updated every step of the way. As in many projects, some new requirements were identified during the project that were not in the initial estimate, but the cooperation model we operate with the customer allowed swift reactions and prioritisations. After all, they were only billed for coding hours. 

We agreed on a payment plan and a time estimate, and even though there were some new tasks identified during the project, we stuck to the initial time and budget estimates. The way we operate, made it possible to eliminate the financial stress of bringing in an outside developer. Our digital agency client could move forward with confidence.

  1. We used our task management platform to get the job done.

Our software developer with the right expertise was able to work easily in this platform. They could navigate through the tasks our client had listed for completion and begin to take them off their plate.

The NerdCloud platform’s transparency was another factor that helped ease some of our client’s project-related stress. They could see as our developer moved through tasks and shifted them to different sections of completion. 

This way, they kept an eye on the progress of the work. By staying present, they stayed involved and connected to the work without having to shoulder the burden of doing it alone in an unrealistic amount of time. 

  1. We built a partnership.

This digital agency got their project completed, in a timeframe that worked for them, with a supportive developer team. What once seemed overwhelming and impossible turned into a project that felt exciting and achievable.

Now, we continue to work with this digital agency on new projects. They know that they can trust our expertise in both coding and supporting project management. We work well together, and they’ve found that they can continue to reach out to us as they grow.

NerdCloud’s priority to help clients doesn’t rely on a task minimum, so we can continue to meet clients where they are and help with projects large and small. This level of flexibility served us well in this particular case, and it will continue to support businesses that need agility and flexibility to meet the changing resource needs of software development.

In a way, we’re a part of their team, and they’re a part of ours. We share our project management and resources with them to help them accomplish their tasks and work towards their unique mission.


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