How to Reduce Overhead Costs with NerdCloud

How to Reduce Overhead Costs with NerdCloud

NerdCloud is the pioneer in future-proof software development. We're more than just another software development company that allows you to outsource your development. We deliver direct access to dozens of potential developers who can work as part of your team.

NerdCloud can also help you reduce your overhead costs by a substantial margin. When we talk about overhead cost, we mean the cost of running an organization on top of all the salaries of your employees.

Now, let’s a look at what is considered as an overhead cost and how NerdCloud helps you reduce it:

Office Space

The cost of maintaining and managing an office space is considered to be an overhead cost. The most lavish and extravagant office space, the more it will cost, and the more it will keep costing your business over time.

Even in a humble office space, the costs of heating, lighting, and rent often total to an amount that is more than the highest-earning employee.

With NerdCloud you won’t have to worry about any such cost. Our teams will handle all the work and you will only have to pay for the products or services you require. Your overhead costs on maintaining office space for employees will be reduced to zero.

Human Resources

Marketing for a position, shortlisting candidates, interviewing shortlisted candidates, and finally hiring employees, all these steps cost a lot of time and financial resources.

With NerdCloud you won’t have to worry about hiring competent engineers for your software development process. We have seasoned software developers onboard our development team. All of your HR overhead costs will be mitigated entirely when you decide to hire NerdCloud for your development project.

Support Staff

Overhead costs also include the cost of support staff. Support staff includes administrators, cleaners, accountants, system managers, and technicians. If you choose to establish your own software development team, keep in mind that the cost of support staff is also going to add up in your total budget.

Choosing NerdCloud will rid you of all the worries and costs that come along with managing a support staff.

Recreational Facilities

No matter how professional the software development team is, 8 hours daily can never be entirely productive. A little time for leisure is required by each individual in the team to ease up, rest, and get the creative juices flowing. To this end, recreational facilities are required. Setting up an office space with a professional development team also compels the establishment of a recreational room and, of course, it also costs money.

NerdCloud already has all such measures implemented to keep teams fresh, creative, and ready to go.

Employee Benefits

Suffice to say that employee benefits are one of the greatest factors that contribute towards overhead costs. Employee benefits range from health insurance to company-issued cars. There is a famous saying that fits perfectly with employee benefits: “The more sugar you put in, the sweeter it will get”. Employee benefits are the same, the more you spend on it, the more it will compel you to spend.

With NerdCloud there is nothing for you to worry about with regard to employee benefits.

Samuli Argillander
CEO & Founder

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