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HubSpot is a leader in marketing campaign software, with powerful solutions that make marketers jobs a dream without causing headaches for developers and IT teams. They offer plenty of integrations for their customers, which allow for software to connect to applications that these customers already use and love. 

If you’re interested in HubSpot integrations, this is the article for you!

What are HubSpot integrations?

Integrations are connections that connect HubSpot software to third-party applications. These connections mean that information can be shared between the two systems, and offer you more features and options while using your HubSpot software. 

Why use HubSpot integrations?

As your businesses expands and changes, your need for new software will likely grow as well. You’ll probably need your software to do more as well as use different software for different needs. It can be difficult and confusing to use dozens of different apps and software for different needs, and even worse when you need information from one to input into another. 

Integrations mean that you can streamline this complex process. They allow you to keep on using whatever system it is that you’re using by adding connections to third-party applications so that your system functionality and available features increase dramatically.

Your business can achieve a lot by doing this. You can perform so many more tasks when you enhance your software’s functionality, and scale your business up more efficiently than ever with little-to-no headache. 

Popular HubSpot integrations

  1. Advertising integrations

These integrations allow you to boost your advertising efforts and reach your target audiences. The data that these advertising apps or software have will be added into your HubSpot CRM so that you can learn more about who interacts with your ads and then you can better understand how to cultivate them into customers. 

Examples: Facebook Ads, Instapage, AdRoll.

  1. Account-based marketing (ABM) integrations

ABM integrations give you the power to access your account and audience data so that you can better craft your messaging, CTAs, and marketing strategies to increase customer conversion rates. 

Examples: OrgChartHub, CaliberMind, Metadata.

  1. Analytics and data integrations

Here, integrations will help you to measure businesses success amongst a number of analytics platforms. The data from multiple places can be pooled and then appear in a well-organized manner in HubSpot so that you and your team can review it whenever you need. You can get a big-picture view of your efforts, see what’s working and what isn’t. 

Examples: Databox, Hotjar, Klipfolio.

  1. Calling integrations

Calling integrations make phone and video calls simple. Contact information and details about calls will be recorded in HubSpot, making it easy to access. This doesn’t just make calls simple, it also helps make sales reps’ and support team members’ lives much easier as they can have access to all the necessary background information that they’ need in order to assist a customer or prospect easily. 

Examples: UberConference, Aircall, CallRail.

  1. Connector integrations

These integrations allow you to have access to dozens of applications that sync to HubSpot. Some connector integrations will give you access to a vast array of apps while others are more concise. 

Examples:, Zapier. 


We’ve just listed a few of the many, many types of integrations that are possible with HubSpot. Overall, HubSpot has a very strong ecosystem which allows for many things from basic CMS to serverless applications. However, most of our custom integrations are more basic, updating the DB table with the new information, updating news/blogs from the external feed, or sending updated information from the HubSpot to external services. 

Many HubSpot sites need or send data to/from external sources. While many integrations are ready-to-use, we see a constant need for custom integrations where we help to enrich, combine, or customize the structure of received data. Usually, external data if provided by the modern API but in many cases, we have to use legacy pull/post methods for even non-structured data.

If you want to use HubSpot integrations, NerdCloud can help you do it right. Save yourself the headache of struggling with integrations by letting us take care of it for you. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll take it from there.


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