Is Your Project Suffering From Loose Ends? Clear Your Backlog Today With NerdCloud

Deal with backlogs without compromising on more important tasks

Mention backlogs in front of seasoned project managers and all you’re likely to get in response is an exasperated rolling of the eyes. Every complex project, whether it deals with software development or not, at some point develops a backlog. Don’t let your backlog jeopardize the success of the project your team is working on. Here is how to tackle it today – with help from the team at NerdCloud. 

What are Backlogs, and Why do they Matter?

You don’t need to be a project manager or work in software development to understand what a backlog is. Backlogs are the tasks that simply never make it off your to-do list. They keep being pushed down the list by more important tasks. At some point, most people delete or throw away their to-do list and start a new one. Their backlog is simply forgotten. 

Within project management as a whole and software development in particular, backlogs are made up of the tasks no one wants to deal with. In most cases, they are small jobs like integrations or migrations that eventually start piling up because your developers are needed on other, bigger tasks. 

There is no need to point fingers and try to look for the ‘lazy person’ in a team. Backlogs are just part of normal project development. In an ideal world, one of your project managers reviews the backlog from time to time and determines which items to clear before the next release, for example. 

However, software development projects are rarely run in ideal environments. What’s more likely to happen is for a product owner or project manager to decide to simply trim or delete the backlog when it becomes too hard to manage. It’s the equivalent of getting rid of an old to-do list full of tasks you’ve been avoiding for days if not weeks. 

The problem with trimming backlogs is that some of these tasks are not as unimportant as they may seem. While they’re not affecting your product or your developers’ workflow right now, they can create issues further down the line. If that happens once a product has been launched to consumers, the issues could be detrimental beyond what your team is envisaging now. 

How NerdCloud Can Help Your Team Tackle Your Backlogs

So, how can you deal with backlogs without compromising on more important tasks? The solution is simple: let our team become an extension of your team and help you clear your backlog. Starting today, our developers could be tackling your backlog and resolving items quickly and efficiently while your developers continue to work on core tasks that take priority. 

Using NerdCloud to clear your backlogs is a cost-effective solution that allows your developers to focus on their priorities. At the same time, project managers have the peace of mind of knowing that both large and small tasks are being taken care of. 

No matter whether you’re part of a startup or a multinational conglomerate, in-house tech teams tend to face some of the same issues. The team is working on developing a product and delivering it on time when suddenly new requirements are added to the project or core tasks change. In most cases, these changes force a team that is already busy to work even harder. Smaller tasks fall by the wayside. 

Recruiting new team members is rarely the answer in these situations, and working with traditional consultancies or offshore outsourcing models may be too inflexible. NerdCloud’s software-development-as-a-service (SDaaS) solution addresses these issues and offers businesses like yours a flexible option. 

We don’t shy away from simply taking care of your backlog. Rather, our developers are happy to help your developers by allowing them to concentrate on major tasks while we concentrate on making sure there are no loose ends. 

By clearing your backlog faster than it grows, we minimize the risk of unwelcome surprises after a release. At the same time, your team and our team establish a relationship, and when your company needs help with more complex development tasks, you know where to turn.  All our developers are professionals with a minimum of five years of industry experience. Not only are they more than capable of taking care of backlogs, but they also understand how backlogs develop and why it’s important to take care of them before problems arise. 

The Next Step

What are you waiting for? Hand on heart, you were planning to clear your project backlog one day. With NerdCloud, that day comes today!

Talk to our team to find out how we can help you deliver perfect projects every time.


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