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A software migration involves the moving data or software from one system to another. Aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly complex and difficult task, it can also be tedious, time-consuming, and downright boring. 

The reasons for migrations vary widely. A migration might be needed to update an older codebase to a newer one within the same language (PHP, Python) for security and compatibility reasons, or a codebase might need to be changed to another (PHP -> Python, or Python -> node.js) to support future growth and the addition of extra features. 

Whatever the reason for the migration, the process with us is always very straightforward.

The process of migration with NerdCloud

Migration can be incredibly simple and clear with NerdCloud. We take care of it with the idea that functionalities and/or features do not change. It’s a straightforward technical migration.

The customer’s core team plans the roadmap and features after the migration is done. The core team knows what the environment will be, so they can develop and build things based on the new tech setup. Business runs as usual on the old platform until the migration is ready, making sure everyday business runs smoothly. 

In the onboarding phase, we make sure the communication, repositories and task management are synced between the NerdCloud platform and the business and its core team. The core team gives the epic to task management, such as: 

Before migration (current situation):
- PHP backend
- AngularJS frontend 

After migration (target):
- MySQL DB (no modifications)
- Node.js backend
- AngularJS frontend (no modifications). 

We go through the code and make a suggestion of the tasks. Here, we discuss how we will go forward with the tasks, take note of what the priorities are, and give estimations of capacity (how many hours it might take). The core team can alter the priorities at any time and are able to select what tasks they do, if they have the time to do any (or if they want to!). 

NerdCloud is there to help the core team, so we can do all tasks or just select ones. At the end of the onboarding phase, the NerdCloud process and development styles/requirements are known so that they can be tailored to fit the core team’s way of working.

Seamless migration with NerdCloud

NerdCloud sells you capacity; we provide you with development hours, not developers. The more velocity you want, the more velocity you get because with us, you can develop in parallel. A 160-hour package from NerdCloud is not the same as 1 person being available for 160 hours in a month. 160 hours of NerdCloud capacity means 160 hours of coding - we only charge for coding that has been estimated and accepted. 

Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) Budgeting with NerdCloud is extremely simple. You have a fixed cost subscription and you know how much capacity you will get with the subscription. You can easily scale it up to increase velocity and make sure you get the tasks done and be ready within deadlines.

The NerdCloud subscription also scales down, so it’s easy to fit it to the need you have. The best part is that the development hours purchased from NerdCloud don’t expire. In fact, some of our customers build up a time bank to make sure they always have the capacity to react to sticky situations by accessing more developing power when the need arises.

Migration can be transformed into an easy, straightforward process with NerdCloud. If you’d like to learn more about us, click here for our FAQs page. If you’d like any more info or just to get in touch with us so that we can begin an awesome partnership, contact us here.


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