NerdCloud launches world’s first subscription payments in software development

NerdCloud launches world’s first subscription payments in software development

  • Designed for estimating needs and simplifying the buying process significantly
  • Dividing the cost of software development into as much as 12 months, fast forwarding many digital services to market
  • A globally positioned company, NerdCloud is eyeing the global market

HELSINKI - NerdCloud, a globally positioned technology company building a streamlined software development service, today announced the launch of the world’s first subscription payment model in software development. The feature is designed to be a tool for the buyer for estimating future needs and simplifying the buying process significantly.

Starting today, the long-awaited payment model will allow companies to leverage the subscription model and divide the cost of software development into a 3 to 12 month reasonably priced payment plan, fast forwarding many digital services to market. 

“This is one important milestone in our strategy to build a fully integratable software development service that is able to serve the everyday needs of the ultra high growth companies as well as the occasional buyer. Regardless of your business size NerdCloud is a supercharged extension to your tech team” said Ben Rozell, Chief Commercial Officer at NerdCloud. 

NerdCloud has already made big steps towards a streamlined service model, taking out the unnecessary stumbling blocks that make the traditional software development services inflexible and lacking the power they would need to serve both ends of the customer segments efficiently. 

Most importantly being able to integrate seamlessly into the client’s workflow, scale up to multiple developers in a matter of days and employing only senior developers that native technical experts lead in each client project. These advantages already make the service very competitive in the global market of software development.

Step by step towards a global presence

The market is growing at a CAGR of 10,7%, so there is plenty of new business opportunities and existing market share to gain. “We definitely have big plans regarding global expansion and will execute the plans accordingly”, said Rozell.

Next up for the team at NerdCloud is to accelerate growth and eventually start opening new markets, where to serve clients with the streamlined service they are building. The team has many things to focus on, but project flow and quality assurance aspects will be on top of the list as they grow and gain momentum. 

NerdCloud is already serving clients from different countries and the subscription model will be available in all regions. Read more about NerdCloud and its services at


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