NerdCloud vs Amazon Mechanical Turk

NerdCloud is the D in your R&D, the factory-like partner for your researched & planned tasks. It’s the most scalable way to buy additional resources for software development.

When you are looking to build a new business or expand an existing one, the team around you is without a doubt the most important ingredient in the recipe for success.

Both new and existing businesses spend a significant amount of time sourcing and recruiting the right talent for their business needs. It's a timeous task, and without the right network and skillset, it can be quite a daunting one. This is especially true when it comes to coding expertise.

Sometimes it's about looking outside of your business, by partnering with an experienced, credible, and highly skilled third party. We're talking about using specialists to help you get your tasks  done. 

Some people have told us that “NerdCloud is like Mturk, but for software development, so in this blog, we decided to take a deeper look and compare these two platforms - NerdCloud and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Let’s start with NerdCloud

NerdCloud – software development as a service

The NerdCloud platform was developed to help businesses with their software needs. Their primary focus and speciality is on offering Software Development as a Service, or ‘SDaaS’. Essentially the NerdCloud SDaaS model sells capacity, the same way that cloud services are structured, so businesses only pay for what they use and nothing more.

What sets NerdCloud apart from others in the sector, is that they have thousands of skilled developers who are on hand to assist with whatever software development needs you may have. What’s more, they can do so in more than 30 programming languages, and it is all served with a simple cloudlike subscription model. The subscription includes a team leader who operates the service and is responsible for the production process, which means the customer only needs to define the tasks they want to get done.

NerdCloud is firm in only working with senior developers. Each of their developers, who are carefully vetted before being appointed, has at least five years of experience.

When it comes to software development specialists that won't break the bank, NerdCloud definitely brings a new fresh operating model to the software service sector..

Amazon Mechanical Turk - The platform for finding all kinds of talent

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that was launched by Amazon in 2005. The platform enables businesses to find workers to carry out tasks that are difficult to automate, such as data entry, image transcription, and video captioning.

MTurk is a great option for businesses that are looking for talent for a wide range of tasks. While they offer a broad range of services, there is not as much specialization, as is the case with NerdCloud.

As with NerdCloud, businesses only have to pay for the work that is carried out. There are no additional costs, such as sick days or overtime. Businesses simply pay for the job they have asked to be completed.

So, there you have it - a brief introduction to NerdCloud and Amazon Mechanical Turk, two of the leading platforms for businesses to get things done.

Hiring software development talent

While Mturk is a great option for a broad range of skills, if you are looking for a specialized software development skill set at an affordable rate, NerdCloud is the platform for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Pricing: with NerdCloud, you have fixed prices for their services, which means no surprises at the end of a project. You can take unused time and roll it forward to the next month.
  • They make it easy: a team lead will take you through everything you need to know. You’ll be able to sit back with confidence knowing you have world-class developers guided by your team lead to make sure tasks get done swiftly and efficiently
  • They are niche: NerdCloud is not a jack of all trades. They focus solely on software development making them the specialists in this area
  • Reduced risk: with NerdCloud, you are buying capacity, not a person. This means if someone is ill, the task will still get done

NerdCloud is the D in your R&D, the factory-like partner for your researched & planned tasks. It’s the most scalable way to buy additional resources for software development. 


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