No-code and Low-code Platforms – What are they really all about?

No-code and Low-code Platforms

It’s certainly no secret that no-code and low-code platforms have been gaining traction lately, but can they actually deliver as promised?

No-code platforms are designed to allow non-developers to construct their own apps without having to worry about pesky things like scalability. They operate using a powerful combination of AI, machine learning, API indexes and templates.

These have an obvious appeal for small businesses like startups who are looking to get an MVP to market. Larger companies have also been investing in these solutions with business process management platforms fast becoming a deep niche in the market. NerdCloud takes a hard look at the strengths and weaknesses that come with these platforms below.


No-code platforms are making things like website design and development a lot more accessible. This is great news for newer businesses with tight budgets. Many of these PaaS companies offering low code or no code programs are also making it easier for businesses to develop their own apps. This has some obvious and huge benefits to startup owners and new businesses.

Cost-effectiveness and convenience are the two main features that make this idea attractive. The ability to get an MVP up and running without hiring a development team is definitely worth a lot.

Can these platforms actually deliver the same standard as professional programmers? Here are some of the challenges faced by this model


• They are new. These platforms can’t offer quite as much support or community because they just aren’t very far along in their life cycle yet. That could be subject to change in the coming years, but as it stands, resources can be hard to find.

Because of the juvenile state of the industry, that means that some platforms aren’t complete, meaning users sometimes have to mix and match depending on their needs. That takes away from some of the convenience and cost-effectiveness, but again – nobody knows what the future holds for these.

• Low-code isn’t no-code. Some of these kinds of platforms are more targeted to developers. That means that while they may be more viable than learning how to program, there is still a learning curve that can vary somewhat in steepness.

• Culture shock. Making the shift from silos to no or low code is a big shift for any organization, big or small.

• You still need an IT department to maintain the security on outward-facing apps. No-code and low code apps need to be deployed in a framework that supports best practices to maintain authentication mechanisms and data encryption.

The Verdict

While some low-code and no-code platforms can offer fast ROI and cost-effective user-based development, they still have to improve before they can replace development teams fully. Nerdcloud is a platform that offers an alternative solution.

We give businesses the flexibility of access to as many or as few senior developers as necessary. Allowing startups and businesses to scale up or down as needed and get the job done according to programming best practices. We remain the practical solution for CEOs and CTO’s looking for effective, cost-efficient development solutions.


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