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SaaS solution designed for businesses that need agility and flexibility to meet the changing resource needs of software development.

A product owner (sometimes also known as a product director) oversees the process of product development. They monitor every stage of development from start to finish to ensure that the product will meet the clients’ desires, preferences, and needs. 

This article will cover some of the main duties and responsibilities of a product owner and how NerdCloud can help make their job far easier. 

The duties and responsibilities of a product owner

Impactful product owners should be carrying out the following:

  • Working closely with users and clients (existing and prospective) so that they might understand as well as predict their needs.
  • Translating user and client needs into specific product requirements. 
  • Creating a clear and defined vision for the production team’s final product. 
  • Handling product backlog and ordering them based on priority, depending on fluctuating requirements.
  • Keeping an eye on every stage of product development. 
  • Creating user stories. 
  • Monitoring as well as assessing product progress at every stage of the product development process. 
  • Communicating with both the product team and end-users to keep both parties updated. 
  • Participating in product sprints and Scrum meetings. 

It truly is no easy task to be a product owner. That’s why NerdCloud is the perfect partner for them.

How NerdCloud can help

NerdCloud offers a SaaS solution designed for businesses that need agility and flexibility to meet the changing resource needs of software development. These are the four key ways that we can help product owners best:

  1. Adding resources

NerdCloud is partnered with more than 50 global tech talent suppliers. Because we work with such a vast amount of different talent from all around the world, we can offer you the potential of thousands of professional, highly-skilled, senior developers. 

As such, we’re able to provide you with the extra resources to scale up and speed up your product development process and make the entire operation a lot smoother. 

Our developers can handle any low-to-moderate domain knowledge tasks for your team, so that they can focus on tasks that only they can (or want) to do. 

  1. Manage backlog

Because the backlog must be completed before the code can be released, it can often be a cause for concern when it comes to completing a project on time or being rushed to finish a project and then delivering something substandard. 

Instead, you can let us help you manage your backlog and prioritize them based on changing requirements so that you can rest assured that your product will be delivered on time and to the highest standards of quality. 

  1. Monitoring and evaluating progress

We can help you to monitor and evaluate progress at each stage of the development process so that your time isn’t stretched so thin. Our monitoring and evaluation will be thorough and exactly to the specifications that you set out for us. 

  1. Support and a sparring partner

Sometimes you just feel like your job would be easier if you had a partner. Our technical PM will act as your support for any and all tech stack-related questions and will also be your sparring partner for any ideas that you might have. 

A way to get the job done more easily

Our job at NerdCloud is to make sure you’ll never have to worry about delivering a substandard, rushed, or late product ever again. We can make the job of a product owner easier while ensuring that the final product is completed on time and is of the highest quality.

For more on why working with us is such a dream, click here. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 


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