Resource management at NerdCloud - How do we manage developers?

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Questions about resource management that we receive very often are “how many different developers will be working on my tasks?” or “is work picked up by different developers all the time?” or “Do we always have the same developer working on the tasks outsourced to NerdCloud?”

These are valid questions, knowing that onboarding new developers takes a lot of time (away from the core tasks to be done) and the longer the same developer works on your tasks, the better their understanding is about your software. 

We offer a new model for software development, and for us humans all new things feel inherently risky. That’s why we will be explaining the answers for the above-mentioned questions in more detail, so that you will get a good understanding of how work with NerdCloud gets done. 

Collection of frequently asked questions 

Think different

We offer a truly elastic solution that gives you fully managed tech resources, with a flexible monthly plan. In this blog we focus on the bold part above, and what it means is that:

  • as a customer you have one interface, one person that you need to onboard once: NerdCloud Technical Project Manager. He/She will take care of documentation, QA and other things to get the job done right
  • you will not have direct contact with the development team that is responsible for the code. This means that we make sure you have the resources you need to succeed. We take care of developer onboarding.

Under the hood the NerdCloud platform takes care of the workflow, which is adjusted to the customer process and development needs. It’s our job to find the right developers from our partners, and it’s in our interest to keep the same resources working on the same projects.

We take the risk, responsibility and costs of onboarding and keeping the right developers.

NerdCloud resource management

Here at NerdCloud, we hand-pick only senior developers from our partners or suppliers. This means that our developers have been coding for many years, and yet when we select our developers, we still test their skills to make sure that they know their stuff. All NerdCloud developers have undergone an eight-step recruitment process before working with clients, including quality assurance, information security, and efficiency tests. 

We have more than 30 programming languages available, and you can find a list with some of them on our website’s landing page. Our code quality is guaranteed by our three-phase code quality control.
Our developers perform functional tests throughout the development process, then our Nordic tech team tests the code for bugs, and finally comes our clients’ staging environment, where we fix bugs in the QA phase. 

They will assimilate into the project and work just the same as an in-house developer, but you’ll pay only for actual coding hours. 

With our subscription plan, you can have the same developer for any work  that you start with us (as long as your new work is in the same tech stack, of course). This means that you will enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house developer led by a technical project manager.

In all cases, all of the work that is in the same tech stack will be done by the same person. The results are as consistent as in-house development with assured quality and in a more scalable, elastic way. 

We’re here for all of your developing needs

With us you can make a shift to a modern way of software development. More flexible, scalable and easily adjusting to your needs.

Get in touch with us today for more information, or if you’re interested in getting the best help for your project that you can. 


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