SDaaS for App Development

SDaaS for App Development

In order to run your business seamlessly in this day and age, acquiring digital transformation and utilizing IT (Information Technology) is critical, especially in the case of mobile apps. According to the 2019 statistics reported by Statista, about 4 billion people use smartphones. Moreover, 48 percent of these people prefer smartphones to use the internet. That’s why having smartphone apps for your business is imperative.

What is the Quickest Method of App Development?

Smartphone apps allow you to communicate with your customers directly, build customer loyalty, to enhance your products’ accessibility, and more. Being a CEO of a company, if you find yourself in a position where your CTO and the app development team are critically busy managing the most important tasks, the in-house development of a new app will be very daunting. In such a situation, SDaaS (Software Development as a Service) is what you want. Let’s discuss what SDaaS really is and why it’s the best and quickest app development methods.

What is SDaaS?

SDaaS or software development as a service is a flexible, on-demand, and bespoke software and app development services. It’s the best alternative to hiring in-house software developers but with predictable and lower ongoing costs. It also provides the same ongoing support and maintenance services that remain fit for your purpose.

How SDaaS is the Best App Development Method?

SDaaS is the best and the quickest way of app development, whether you need iOS or Android app development. The companies which offer exceptional SDaaS, such as NerdCloud, have experienced and expert software developers.

Utilizing their services brings you the following benefits:

  • Expert and experienced developers with the cost you way lower than the in-house developers.
  • Predictable cost and minimum time of app development as it keeps you from all the hassle of going through the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
  • You can monitor each and every step of your app development.
  • Flexible, quick, comprehensive, and scalable enhancement capabilities.
  • Bespoke final product with support and maintenance services if required.
  • You don't need to pay heavy wages to the SDaaS software developers once your project is completed.
  • It keeps your in-house software developers and CTO(s) from all the unwanted stress that can reduce their productivity.
  • It enhances and improves the healthy environment of your office that eventually boosts productivity.

Your CTO(s) are busy almost all the time in the development and decision-making of the most crucial tasks. You don’t need them to consume their valuable time for your Android or iOS app development when you can utilize SDaaS. Additionally, you don’t lose anything by utilizing SDaaS. When you can have a risk-free and cost-effective as well as time-effective app development experience with SDaaS, there is no need to opt for any other app development method.

Final Word

NerdCloud is a one-stop source if you need iOS or Android app development for your business. The company follows the industry best practices to hire its software developers. It ensures that all of them are familiar with all the latest, technical, and state-of-the-art app development aspects with 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction.



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