Software Project Planning - How to Create a Roadmap to Success

Software Project Planning How to Create a Roadmap to Success

There is a very common set of problems that causes many startups and software projects to fail. This project killer first shows its face in the form of loosely defined product requirements. It then manifests as expensive bug fixes post-deployment. 

You need a proper roadmap for product development. When the reasons for features are left open to interpretation, it becomes impossible to code properly. This article will examine how to create a roadmap for software project planning. You can enable your teams to avoid the pitfalls of traditional models like the waterfall.

This article will also cover how the use of product management and software development resources. Resources like Sprinthack and NerdCloud will help pave the way to successful deployments. First, however, let’s go right back to one of the most fundamental issues that are to blame – broad project requirements.

Get Your Teams on the Same Page

Requirements need to be driven by business features. A sign of good leadership is a Tech team leader who knows this and can explain the relationship of each. 

The software must support the business. When that function is compromised because of communication issues it creates problems for the whole development process.

Requirements need to be specific and explicit. A developer will not be able to write code effectively if they do not have a clear understanding of the business driver behind the need. There will be many who say that is what Agile is for. The problem is that Agile won’t get projects around leadership and communication issues. 

Ambiguous requirements and poor leadership will still trump an Agile development model. Agile is best used for adapting to changing requirements. 

Product management resources like Sprinthack become very valuable in these situations. They can approach the requirements from a business-driven perspective and increase the efficiency and value of the development process through each stage.

Try to take an integrated approach to each aspect – sales, marketing, design and engineering. In this way, you can achieve more revenue without wasting time and investment on over-engineering. A solid product management resource like Sprinthack allows you to take control of your development and boost your teams.

Catch More Bugs Sooner with Architectural Developers

It pays to employ the services of senior developers who are more experienced with architectural tasks. Catching bugs post-deployment is far more time-consuming and costly. You want to catch your problems, bugs and misalignments during the architectural stage.

This is where NerdCloud is a lifesaver – in either case. NerdCloud is a software development resource that is indispensable at any stage of the development cycle. They have an edge over other outsourcing services because their senior developers are actually able to jump in and function as part of the team. They are then able to jump out as necessary. This gives you the best possible flexibility and value in your product development endeavors.

You Can Take Control of Your Product’s Outcome

The leadership, organization, and agility that these resources offer, allow you to maximize your efforts. You can avoid common issues that lead to products failing. The ability to connect your business needs to your design and engineering tasks is invaluable to succeeding.

Set your teams and yourself up for success from the start. Create a clear and specific set of requirements, structure to adapt, and ensure your project is on the road to success. 


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