Tools to Design DB

Tools to Design DB

Database diagram design refers to the set of processes that assist you in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of database management systems (DBS). 

You can also think of it as creating a visual representation of a database, detailing the rules that govern it or the complete set of objects that relate to a specific user. 

When done well, database design improves your data consistency for disk storage. And it helps programmers whose software will interact with the database later on. 

Here are five suggestions for tools you can use to design databases, informed by the NerdCloud team’s experience and expertise with each. 

1. enables you to design databases while only using your keyboard. 

The tool also makes it possible to directly generate SQL statements, and you can generate diagrams from SQL databases. 

A crucial advantage of is that it integrates with web frameworks such as Django, Rails, and others. 

Additionally, you have the option to export to PDF, PNG, and SQL scripts, giving you greater versatility for how you share with your team and adapt your workflow. 

The UI is neat and simple, with clear and sharp diagrams. 

2. is an online schema design and data modeling tool that enables you to create database diagrams without needing to draw a line of code. 

The UI is remarkably user-friendly, with features focused on collaboration and sharing projects within the team. 

Users can export database diagrams they create in either PNG and PDF files to maximize versatility. 

Additionally, lets you import existing databases or start entirely from scratch. 

3. SqlDBM 

SqlDBM lets you design database diagrams on any browser, and it does away with the need for any other database engine or database modeling tools. 

Also, SqlDBM integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office, which is particularly helpful if those apps factor heavily into your workflow. 

An advantage to this tool is that it incorporates all needed database rules and objects, including database keys, indexes, schemas, column restraints, and relationships. Additionally, it supports version history. 

A  potential drawback, however, is that SqlDBM only supports MySQL and MS SQL, making it much less relevant to developers and data analysts relying on alternatives. 

The UI is completely drag-and-drop.

4. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is an online database design and management tool with a drag and drop editor. 

Using this tool, you can import a database from ERD (entity relationship diagram). 

Visual Paradigm has a range of features specially built to enable different members of a team to work on the same project simultaneously, which can make for more effective collaboration. 

And you can use the tool to build reports that complement your database diagram, in addition to having the option to export in PDF, PNG, and SQL Scripts. 

5. Lucidchart 

Lucidchart is a cloud-based and collaborative diagram software. The tool features functionality to help you create database diagrams, flowcharts, process maps, UML models, and organization charts. 

If a few of those are a crucial part of how you work, Lucidchart’s main appeal may be the ability to create different types of diagrams on a unified platform. 

The tool’s integration with G Suite and Microsoft Office also makes it easier to introduce into your stack and fit into your workflow. 


Having a database design tool with the right functionality for your projects can help you tap into new efficiencies throughout the development process. If you’re seeking the ideal database design tool, the list above narrows the field down to the best and most capable.


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