Unbiased Advice on Choosing the Best Tech Stack

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How many digital/tech/software companies can give an unbiased assessment of the technologies that they choose to use for their customers? 

Most of the time, when you want to start building a website, begin your e-commerce journey, or even create an automated marketing solution, you look for an unbiased recommendation of the best technology option for your unique needs and business goals. 

It’s more difficult to get these recommendations than you think. Of course, companies that provide these services almost always have a stack selection: Drupal, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Hubspot. The choices that you will be offered depend on the company that’s offering them. 

The bias behind the recommendations

The companies that make you tech stack recommendations will likely be biased based on two main things: their relationships, deals, and affinities with certain technologies, and their expertise. 

If a company has an existing relationship with a technology, then they will obviously recommend it to you, especially if they make monetary gain by doing so. 

Additionally, a company will likely be working with and have a preference for a certain technology or technologies, and be more comfortable and familiar with it as a result. This will skew them towards wanting to choose and recommend this for your needs, regardless of whether or not it’s actually the best fit for you. 

The danger of making the wrong choice based off of bad information

Biased recommendations will have their roots in the wrong reasons. If you decide to go with one of these recommendations, it can negatively impact not only your resulting software, but your business goals as well.

If you choose the wrong technology for your company, then you won’t get the result that you want. This can lead to any number of negative business outcomes, such as unsatisfied customers, incompatibility with existing software, your staff being unable to use the software, or the software being unable to accomplish what you want it to. 

We understand that it can be very difficult for SMEs to do the proper research when it comes to things like this, and it can be too easy to trust the wrong sources. Choosing a tech stack is a difficult and complex task, especially when you aren’t well-versed in the terminology and choices. 

This is where NerdCloud can help you. 

Unbiased, expert advice

We’re often asked to have a look at people’s problems and give them tips and advice based on the experience that we have. We never give biased tech advice simply because of the way that NerdCloud works. 

We aren’t here to recommend one solution over another simply because we have a relationship with a company, or because our developers are better at using their tech. 

NerdCloud is your one-stop software solution that’s flexible and robust. We provide hard-to-find, specific expertise and will only make recommendations based on exactly what will be best for your specific needs. 

We can do this because we have expertise on any cloud of your choosing, developers that are able to work in any programming language, old or new, and are flexible and adaptable based on the needs of our clients.

We never insist on one tech stack over another simply because we like it better, or because of monetary reasons. With NerdCloud, you can rest assured that we only ever make a recommendation because we honestly believe it will be the best fit for you. 

To us, specific technology doesn’t matter

While our business model is our strength, it also has limitations because we are laser focused. We do not offer traditional consultations, so a customer-specific evaluation of different architectures and industry-specific needs is outside our offering - or rather it’s something we do not do alone. We have been part of these kinds of evaluations from a technical point-of-view, where the core team or hired professionals are in charge of the overall evaluation. 

In our business model, choosing one technology over another simply doesn’t matter to us, so if you’re looking for unbiased advice on choosing the best tech stack, look no further than NerdCloud. We’ve worked with all kinds of technology and developed every type of software that you can think of. We’re interested in giving you exactly what your business needs, so if that sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch with us today!


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