Unlocking Team Velocity: Understanding Ottia's Subscription Impact

Discover how Ottia's subscription can turbocharge your team's productivity with up to 400 hours of pure coding per month, effectively doubling your velocity.

Ever wondered if it is possible  to boost your team’s velocity exponentially? Ottia's subscription service emerges as a transformative solution, offering a tailored approach to boost your programming hours and, consequently, your project velocity. With options ranging from 80 to 320 hours and above per month, Ottia promises to revolutionize how teams tackle their coding tasks.

The Current State of Working Hours

Before delving into how Ottia can supercharge your development efforts, let's ground ourselves in the reality of professional coding environments. Statistics reveal considerable variability in actual working hours across different countries: the U.S. averages 1880 hours per year, the U.K. at 1740, Germany at 1760, and France at 1585, with the average working week in the EU's IT sector hitting 37 hours, according to Eurostat.

However, not all these hours translate directly into coding. Various studies suggest that actual coding time can range from less than one hour to about 50% of the total working time, equating to roughly 4 hours a day. This discrepancy highlights a significant opportunity for efficiency gains within the coding process itself.

Based on data from 250K+ developers in our global community, developers code 52 minutes per day — about 4 hours and 21 minutes during a normal workweek from Monday to Friday.¹ - Global Code Time Report

For our calculations, we've adopted the standard of 4 hours per day, drawing from our team's extensive experience and insights into the productivity patterns of internal development teams.

How Ottia Makes a Difference

Imagine injecting your team with a healthy dose of pure, focused coding hours each month. Opting for Ottia's subscription brings immediate and tangible benefits. Let's break it down:

Ottia redefines the boundaries of coding efficiency by offering a scalability solution that transcends traditional limitations, making the potential for velocity growth virtually unlimited. Instead of navigating the logistics and constraints of expanding in-house teams, Ottia empowers even one experienced senior developer to orchestrate a staggering increase in productivity. 

By leveraging Ottia's customizable subscription, a single senior developer can effectively marshal resources equating up to 800 hours from Ottia's offerings. This unparalleled access to additional coding hours allows for an agility and speed previously unimaginable, enabling projects to achieve up to 10x the velocity growth. This removes barriers to scalability and opens up new horizons for project development, ensuring that stringent timelines can be met with quality and precision, and transforming the way projects evolve from conception to completion.

A Closer Look: Accelerating SaaS Project Timelines with Ottia

To illustrate the transformative potential of Ottia's subscription service, let's examine a scenario involving a typical Software as a Service (SaaS) project estimated at 880 hours of work (240h Front End, 560 hours Back End, 80 hours QA and launch). In the context of the development landscape, where an individual developer might spend about 4 hours a day on actual coding, the project timeline can vary significantly based on team size and available coding hours.

Traditional Development Timelines

In a traditional setting without Ottia:

  • Single Developer: It would take approximately 220 days (or roughly 10 months), considering 4 hours of coding each day, for one developer to complete the project.
  • Team of Two Developers: The timeline halves, with the project taking around 110 days (or approximately 5 months), thanks to the combined efforts reducing the load per developer.

Revolutionizing Development with Ottia

When we integrate Ottia's subscription into the equation, the development timeline narrative changes dramatically:

  • One Developer + Ottia 80h Plan: The completion time is edged to 200 days, effectively a +9% increase in speed.
  • One Developer + Ottia 160h Plan: Here, the timeline compresses further to 180 days, marking an +18% velocity boost.
  • One Developer + Ottia 320h Plan: This scenario sees a substantial reduction to 140 days, representing a whopping +84% increase in development speed.

Adding another developer into the mix amplifies the impact:

  • Two Developers + Ottia 80h Plan: The project duration shortens to 100 days, again achieving a +9% quicker completion rate.
  • Two Developers + Ottia 160h Plan: Here, we see the timeline shrink to 90 days, an +18% faster finish.
  • Two Developers + Ottia 320h Plan: The most accelerated scenario cuts down the project time to a mere 70 days, a significant +36% improvement in speed.

What This Means for Your Development Process

These examples shed light on the power of Ottia's subscription to redefine project timelines. Whether you're a lone developer taking on a sizable project or a team striving for efficiency, incorporating Ottia's service can lead to dramatic reductions in development time. The ability to virtually 'add' developers through Ottia's subscription gives projects the momentum they need, reducing time to market and allowing for faster iteration and improvement cycles.

Real-world Applications and Flexibility

Ottia's subscription isn't just about augmenting hours; it's about smartly integrating additional coding capacity into your workflow with unmatched flexibility. Unlike traditional hiring, where scaling up and down can be a logistical nightmare, Ottia allows for dynamic adjustment according to project demands, making it an excellent tool for managing workload spikes or exploring new initiatives without long-term commitments.

Bridge the Coding Gap

Considering the average coding times, an Ottia subscription can effectively bridge the gap between the potential and actual coding output. For instance, if your team manages 4 coding hours per day, integrating an Ottia plan can ensure that more of your project's coding needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Ottia's model is a perfect fit for startups and established companies alike, providing a much-needed velocity boost to projects ranging from the nascent stage to scaling up operations. It's an equally compelling proposition for project managers looking to streamline development timelines and for CTOs aiming to optimize resource allocation without compromising on deliverable quality or team well-being.

Long hours [days] don’t make great code. Long hours simply mean you work long hours. – The Secret Developer

Creativity wanes under fatigue, making overwork an unsustainable approach long term. Instead of driving your team to exhaustion with lengthy days, turn to Ottia for a healthier, more effective solution.


In sum, Ottia's subscription service represents a significant leap forward in coding productivity, offering a scalable solution to one of the tech industry's perennial challenges: maximizing coding hours without overburdening staff or inflating payroll. By embracing Ottia's innovative approach, companies can not only accelerate their development timelines but also enhance their flexibility, scalability, and overall competitiveness in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

By strategically leveraging Ottia's subscription-based coding hours, businesses can navigate the complexities of project development with heightened agility and efficacy, heralding a new era of productivity and innovation in the tech sphere.

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Check out case studies, contract templates, webinars, and many other resources.

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