Implementing UX designs to software faster with NerdCloud

UI/UX design

UI/UX designers have a lot of responsibilities and their jobs can sometimes get overwhelming, especially if a project has strict deadlines and a lot of pressure. We’ve helped more than our fair share of UX designers in the past, and we’d like to share how we’ve done that and continue to do so. 

How NerdCloud can help 

  1. Seamless, automated support

We once worked with a UX designer that was creating her design tasks in Asana. She never even realized that we were using another system in the background (Jira) with our devs, simply because why should she?  We automate our entire process in the background and our job is to make things just happen.

Whatever platform or software you use to create your design tasks, we’ll make sure it syncs with what we use. When we work with you, we adapt to your way of working.

We open integration between your project management system (say, Asana) and the NerdCloud platform, then we onboard one of our senior developers that has the right expertise for the project within days.

You can write your user stories in Asana and add tasks to your project list. We will implement these tasks, along with other details like report bugs, and sync them seamlessly between Asana and NerdCloud. Our integrations with Asana made it easy for the UX designer to communicate with our developer.

  1. Supportive partnership

When you work with us, you can enjoy what is basically a direct connection with our developer. Whatever you are creating, our developer sees it in real time and will quickly implement any changes and updates, eliminate bugs, or give you the feedback you ask for. 

Our dev acts as a sounding board and partner to you, providing support and working alongside you. They may also give you valuable feedback about some element of your UX that can prove helpful to your vision. 

You’ll never have to worry about our developer struggling to keep up with you. They’ll be chosen to work on the project because they’re able to navigate through tasks easily on the chosen platform, because they have the right expertise.

NerdCloud platform’s transparency also helps ease some of your project-related stress – you can see our developer moving through tasks and completing them, so you can keep an eye on the project’s progress. You can stay present, involved, and connected to the work without having to shoulder the burden of doing it alone in an unrealistic amount of time.

  1. Quick implementation

We provide something which in-house teams can’t usually do, and that’s quick implementation of your UX designs. Remember all those times that you’ve changed something small and expected it to get implemented fast because it was small, but you’ve had to wait forever for your in-house devs to find the time to code it? We feel your frustration!

In-house devs have a lot on their plate too.  They have a mountain of tasks and will usually prioritize tasks that are more interesting or urgent. A lot of design-related tasks are not very intellectually-challenging for them, so sometimes they’ll just leave it towards the end of their list!

With us, you’ll never have this problem. Whatever you need us to implement, consider it done. 

  1. The sky's the limit

As a UX designer, you often have creative ideas that might have been shot down – not because they aren’t great, but because you’re told that they aren’t possible. Perhaps the core team skills are somewhere else than in the things you would need to see your plan come true?

We like to believe that we can help you achieve your innovative design ideas! With our extensive, worldwide network of developers, we can handle any and every backend, logic, architecture, coding language, and more. 

So if there’s something that you feel will be right for your UX, share it with us. We can realize that vision together!

Whatever you need, when you need it, NerdCloud is here for you

As a UX designer you are able to do your tasks more efficiently with us because you’ll work with our developer(s) as a team. You don’t have to wait for implementation to be fully ready, and can give and get feedback to/from a developer immediately. 

If any of what you’ve read in this article sounds like it might be helpful to you or your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so that we can help you complete your projects stress-free. 


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