What Are Core and Non-Core Tasks?

What Are Core and Non-Core Tasks In-House Software Team Outsourcing

As a software development service firm, you need to take advantage of anything that promises long-term success to be competitive.

Ensure that you’re correctly utilizing the skills, experiences, and knowledge that your staff possesses. Also, your team should remain focused on the task at hand at all times.

Letting your software team deal with non-core activities is time-draining and makes them shift focus from the company’s core value. These activities don’t add any benefit to the services your company provides to its end customers, like installing and maintaining the software products you sell.

For this reason, most companies now outsource these non-core IT tasks to improve the efficiency of their in-house teams.

Interested in strategically outsourcing your non-core IT tasks? Here are a few things you should consider.

What are Core Tasks?

Core tasks refer to activities that improve the value of your services to your esteemed customers. These activities also serve as a direct profit center, meaning that your software development team must do and complete them on time for your business to be successful.

In a software development firm, a customer may pay you directly to create a specific software.

What are the activities that go into this kind of job? These are the company’s core tasks. They include;

  • Software designing and prototyping
  • Programming
  • Developing
  • Implementing and managing software
  • Testing and evaluating new software products

What are Non-Core Tasks?

Non-core tasks refer to all the day-to-day activities that add no competitive advantage. They’re more routine-oriented but still quite vital to your company’s wellbeing.

From a software development perspective, such activities include:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Free software maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Implementing the UI design
  • Fixing connection problems, etc.

Once that is clear, it becomes easier for you to give clear instructions to your outsourcing partner and focus on the company’s practical tasks.

Why You Should Outsource Non-Core Tasks

Increase Focus on Core Tasks

Your team won’t complete their core duties if they are constantly interrupted and called to attend to other tasks outside their comfort zone.

In doing so, you end up losing both the money and productivity to your company’s bottom line.

Outsourcing your non-core activities keeps your in-house software team entirely focused on the core tasks and increases their productivity.

Don’t let your experts waste time on tasks that less skilled people can handle at a reduced cost at the expense of more critical roles at hand.

Also, there could be some viable resources needed for a specific technological job that your company may not have. So, instead of buying, you can partner with a vendor that has it already to save money.

Keep Your In-House Software Team Motivated

If you understand how difficult it is to find good employees, especially in the software industry, you’ll do everything possible to keep the ones you have motivated.

You need to provide an ideal work environment and keep them more engaged with only the tasks within their area of expertise.

This habit not only drives profits but innovation to your software company as well. Also, your software engineers and developers will be more engaged and pleased with their position in the company.

Keeping your IT engineers constantly delayed with monotonous activities is demoralizing and can reduce their strength over time. To avoid getting to this extreme, you should consider outsourcing those non-core tasks.

Cut On Costs

Outsourcing non-core activities can save you some money. Employees require a monthly salary, pension plans, medical covers, and other costs such as increased office space, stationeries, etc. Software engineers are especially very costly to hire on a salaried and pensionable basis.

Moreover, having highly experienced engineers and developers handle menial tasks such as fixing bugs is not only a waste of their expertise but also very expensive.

Instead, consider outsourcing to reduce these costs significantly. Additionally, because your best team will be focused on tasks that earn you revenue, you can make more money and possibly scale.

Ready to Outsource? Think Ottia

Differentiating your core tasks from non-core ones will help you determine which ones to give all your attention to and the ones to delegate.

If you already have a list of non-core tasks and are looking for a reputable outsourcing partner that you can trust to help you out, think Ottia.

Contact us today and let us help you reach your full potential meet your business goals.


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