What is Elastic Development?

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We employ elastic development at NerdCloud. Some wonder why we don’t simply use the common model of traditional outsourcing. While traditional outsourcing might work well enough for some companies, we always strive to do our absolute best, and so we chose elastic development as our business model because it’s the best way for us to deliver the high-quality results that we insist on for our clients.

Traditional outsourcing

With this model, a business entity will partner with a third-party that monitors and handles the business’ data. This third-party is an extension of the business, but aren’t directly hired by the business. This way, there are a lot of resources saved (like time, effort, and money) on training and salaries. 

Traditional outsourcing is well-known to accelerate development because the business entity can focus on its core tasks while the third-party company deals with their data. 

And yet, ironically, traditional outsourcing can often be inefficient, costly, and slow. This is because it is essentially working with another company. That means there are differences in business procedures, work culture, SOPs, and more. 

There can be miscommunications, poor performance, different standards, and more which can culminate in the need for reworks and do-overs. 

Elastic development at NerdCloud

These reasons and more are why we much prefer to use elastic development at NerdCloud. We provide our clients with all of the benefits of our top-tier cloud model with none of the risks. 

  1. Access to modern coding languages

While older languages have their benefits, many development projects are coded (or would like to be) in modern languages. Not a lot of companies can offer this access, but NerdCloud can and does because of our vast resources of more than 50 global suppliers which makes sure  we can provide our clients with  senior developers who are versatile and skilled in many programming languages. 

  1. Time estimate verification

It can be difficult to work with a third-party that employs the traditional outsourcing method because you often won’t get updates on problems or delays that come up. Additionally, you may find it hard to communicate that you have new tasks that are more urgent. 

With our elastic development, because we use cloud computing, you'll be able to see what our developers are working on and how it's going. If new tasks come up that need doing immediately, then just give us the go-ahead. We provide you with complete peace of mind that comes from being able to call on an entire team if anything goes wrong.

  1. Easy to accelerate or expand the development cycle

This ease of communication extends to the lifetime of the development cycle. If you need to accelerate or expand the development cycle, it’s easy to communicate with us as we are always aligned with your team. 

  1. Easy to budget

The model minimizes overhead by allowing businesses access to computing resources without having to worry about unexpected hardware failure, power consumption, floor space, and other such concerns. The idea is that you can start small and scale up as required, removing the need to maintain perfect uptime at all times.

  1. Plug and play integration to your existing way of working

You don’t have to worry about miscommunication, different work standards, SOPS, or work culture. When you work with NerdCloud, we work with you and never against you. We plug into your existing way of working and do things your way, so that you never have to worry about the struggles that you’d have with traditional outsourcing. 

  1. Rapid developer resource scale-up

At NerdCloud, we have helped many clients successfully build their custom software solutions. We help bridge the gap between your team and development teams overseas. Our vetted outsourcing model is designed to ensure that your team will work with only the most capable developers through our network of international development partners.

NerdCloud IT enables you to build at scale by bringing an entire team's worth of project managers and that of ours by providing you with IT management services that help streamline your project from start to finish.


You deserve to have your business and IT needs met in a truly agile way. You deserve to have all of the benefits of traditional outsourcing with none of the dangers. You deserve only the very best of our expertise.

NerdCloud is the expert for handling your software development needs, and offers a range of flexible project outsourcing models that ensure you can get the best people for the job while putting technology expertise at your disposal.

Whatever happens in the development process, we can and will find you a solution, no matter the time zone or geographical location. Imagine what your company can do with that kind of peace of mind. By working with us and taking advantage of our extensive network of international development partners as well as our incredibly efficient cloud model, you can do more than you ever imagined. 

Get in touch with us today for more information or even a consultation that’s absolutely free. 


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